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Peptides serve an important purpose in a number of physiological activities for hormonal, therapeutic and neurotransmission functions. The unprecedented progress that has been made in conducting peptide research has made it necessary for more information to be provided to various stakeholders.

It is important for people to be able to understand the fundamentals of peptides regarding aspects such as their structures and chemical properties. With over 500 peptides in existence there are numerous opportunities for people to be actively involved in peptide research.

Peptides refer to the short formations of amino acids that share links in the form of peptide bonds. The linkage of amino acids is clearly and distinctly progressive. The primary function of peptides is to serve as signaling molecules. In living organisms peptides participate in the intricate and complicated functions of the body that facilitate coordination.

There are three key categories of peptides that serve the purpose of signaling. Peptide hormones are responsible for transmitting what are known as chemical messages in between cells. An example of peptide hormones is the growth hormone that actively stimulates overall growth in animals. Other familiar types of peptide hormones include insulin.

Neuropeptides are classified as those peptides that are found within neural tissue. Examples of neuropeptides are endorphins that are well known for the role they play in mimicking morphine effects through the prevention of signals that are associated with pain. The role of monitoring cell growth in animals is played by growth factors.

The creative nature of researchers has resulted in peptides being used as vital aspects that make it possible to understand the structural characteristics and functions of proteins. Fragmented peptides are used by researchers to determine source protein. Fragments are typically created in laboratories or can arise from natural degradation.

Peptides enable the generation of antibodies without purification of targeted proteins being deemed necessary. This is facilitated through certain parts of the protein being transformed into antigenic peptides. Peptides are formed from various amino acids that are combined. The combined amino acids consist of organic molecules.

Peptide bonds are formed when two molecules are linked through chemical reactions between different amino groups. Peptides consist of a vast range of signaling molecules. A large amount of peptides are situated in the neural tissue and brain. Peptides are a prominent factor as research tools in the field of molecular biology.

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